So you want to print faster, but you have a problem with wet prints? Let the Digi-Dryer answer your problems. This portable dyer uses infrared technology to gently and rapidly dry your images while they remain on the printer. The Digital Dryer includes an on/off switch, a temperature controller, a long 10 ft. cord (except on 220 Volt units) and casters. It also includes a one-year manufacturer warranty.

For print speeds up to 200 sq. ft. an hour.

Model Volts Amps Width
DD36-675-120V-DS 120 5.6 36"
DD54-1000-120V-DS 120 8.3 54"
DD54-1000-220V-DS 220 4.3 54"
DDH64-1200-120V-DS 120 9.3 64"
DDH64-1200-220V-DS 220 5.4 64"
DDH72-1350-120V-DS 110 11.3 72"
DDH72-1350-220V-DS 220 6.1 72"

For print speeds over 200 sq. ft. an hour you can add a second heating element.