Proper color management is the key to success in the digital market and Gretag Macbeth makes this process a breeze. A variety of packages and devices will allow you to find the best solution for your business.

Here are a few different Packages to choose from for your color management needs.

EYE-ONE Packages

Eye-One Brochure  -  ProfileMaker 5 Brochure


This device is great for monitor only calibrations. It can be used on both Mac and PC and can profile CRT, LCD and laptop monitors. This portable device is a great value and will ensure accurate colors on your monitor.


Both packages include the easy to use Eye-One device and the Match software. Choose the PHOTO package if you plan to profile RGB devices (devices not using a RIP) or choose the PROOF package for CMYK devices (devices using a RIP). Each can also profile your monitor and scanner with ease. The Eye-One device is quick and easy to operate and can easily scan a large variety of substrates.


The XT package can handle almost any color management issues you have. It can profile monitors, scanners, cameras, RGB & CMYK printers as well as projectors. Also included is an extended warranty, express service and Gretag Training. This package includes a hard shell case to ensure your instruments stay protected.


Designed for professionals, this package leaves nothing to be desired. PM5 Publish provides the ability to profile monitors and scanners as well as RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome, CMYK+Red/Blue and CMYK+Red/Green output devices. You can edit and customize profiles and make custom black channel separations.

Choose a PM5 bundle that meets your needs.


What is color management or ICC profiling?

It is the process in which you determine the printable colors of a device in a given set of variables. These variables include printer, quality, ink set, media and finishing.

What if I have profiles from my vendor or canned profiles?

Don’t be fooled by “canned” or “free” profiles. Every printer, quality, ink set and media combination requires correct color management. Each different variable should have a different profile. Don’t be lumped in with the rest of the world, what you do is unique and deserves a unique profile. Using wrong or old profiles will decrease your color gamut capabilities, waste color and ultimately cost you money!

Is the cost worth it?

Very much so! First, it will cut down on the ink consumption of your printer. Secondly, it will allow you to match prints faster, which means less waste and more production. Thirdly, you can expect to see more accurate colors which should be brighter and cleaner.

Should I calibrate my monitor?

Definitely, your monitor is a color device and needs profiling. Imagine a wall of computer monitors inside a store. They all display the same feed, yet have different colors. Each monitor has different capabilities and each will display colors a little differently. Proper color management will ensure that your monitor is displaying accurate colors.

Eye-One Pro

New accelerated device for measuring color on monitors, scanners, printers and digital projectors.

iC Color

Automated x/y reflective chart reader.

Spectrolino / Spectroscan

One device for emissive and fully automated reflective measurements - with interchangeable filters such as UV cut off and polarized.