Insta Graphics

With over 45 years experience, Insta Graphics is the ultimate choice for a Heat Presses. INSTA machines have a cast-in tubular heating element, the most reliable even-heating source available. Platens are cast, heat-treated, and have a printing surface that is tested for ultimate flatness. Because of their quality, INSTA presses feature a LIFETIME warranty on the heating element!

Here are a few popular models to choose from.

138 Manual Clam Press

  • 15" x 20" platen area
  • adjustable pressure control
  • Digital Timer, Temperature, and Counter

  • 228 Manual Swing Away

  • 15" x 20" platen area
  • Digital Timer, Temperature, and Counter
  • Pressure adjustable scale
  • Lower cut-away base for placing t-shirts onto the platen

  • 828 Automatic Swing Away

  • 2-" x 25" platen area
  • Digital Timer, Temperature, and Counter
  • Programmable presets for time and temperature
  • Fully adjustable pressure control (pneumatic)
  • Built in cucle counter
  • faq.presses
    How much heat do i need for sublimation?

    The sublimation process happens at around 400°.

    Why do people use tissue paper?

    Tissue paper keeps your belt and drum from becoming contaminated.

    Manufactured with quality in mind, AIT Heat Presses are your best bet for large or roll to roll transfers.

    162CR / 354CR Pneumatic Shuttle Press with Dual Reciprocating Tray System

    Equipped with pneumatic pressure control and digital timer, the heated platen automatically releases as the dwell time expires. Platen pressure is easily adjusted with a regulator while the appropriate temperatures are maintained with a digital thermostat. The reciprocating tray system doubles productivity by providing a loading tray while the original tray is cycling.

    Model 162CR 354CR
    DIMS. (IN) 80" x 60" x 36" 86" x 60" x 48"
    Platen (IN) 24" x 36" 30" x 48"
    Electricity 220V-3PH-60HZ 220V-3PH-60HZ
    AMPS 18 24

    7240IJ Rotary Heat Transfer Printer

    Quality dye-sub printing of fabrics up to 40" is now available at an affordable price. Printing speeds up to 460 ft²/hr.

  • Three-Zone Heat Control
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • Printing Width up to 40" (1 Meter)
  • No Compressed Air Required
  • 6" Diameter Drum
  • Automatic Belt Tracking System
  • Temperature Range up to 450°F
  • Optional Unwinds & Steel Stand

  • 7960T Rotary Heat Transfer Press


  • Enhanced Material Guiding System
  • Up to 1800 SQ. FT/HR
  • Large 12" Heated Drum
  • 3 Unwinds and 3 Rewinds
  • Digital Zoned Heat Control
  • Enhanced Rollers and belt Tracking for trouble free transfering
  • 60" Print Width
  • Optional Sheet Feed Table (pictured above)
  • Automatic Cool Down Timer
  • Digital Variable Speed Control

  • Model 7960T
    Belt Width 64" (162 cm.)
    Machine Length 98" (249 cm.)
    Height 55 3/4" (142 cm.)
    Print Width 60" (152 cm.)
    208w-220w 3 ph 50-60 Hz 100 amps
    380w 3 ph 50 Hz 60 amps