Jantex Digital carries a wide variety of fabrics prepared for inkjet printing. We carry a large selection including cottons, silks, nylons and polyesters. We also feature a custom coating service where we can coat and process your own unique fabric.

Our fabrics are available in two different coating choices.

Choose the FabriSign coating when steaming your fabrics is not an option. FabriSign gives you hassle free printing while ensuring your colors are bright and beautiful.

Choose ProCoat coating for fabrics that will be steamed. ProCoat will help to produce the most vivid colors on your fabric. ProCoat is completely waterproof and machine washable. This is the perfect choice for when you need that extra “kick” in your prints.

If you are interested in custom coatings, please call for details.

Download our Complete Fabric List.
Why do I have to treat my fabrics for inkjet printing?

The coating applied to fabrics allows the inks to remain vibrant and colorfast. The coating also protects the inks through the steaming process.

Do I have to coat my fabrics?

Yes, several different coatings are available depending on your needs, but coating is required.

Can I coat my own fabrics?

Provided you have the correct equipment, anyone could coat fabrics. It does take several large pieces of machinery to process fabrics so it is more advantageous to have this process done for you.

Do i need a paper backing on my fabric?

This depends on the type of fabric and your printer. Most printers will require the paper backing for rigidness. This help printability and keeps waste to a minimum.

Does polyester have to be coated?

If you direct print it, yes it does. The other option is dye sublimation. This is printing to paper and transferring to polyester fabrics.