The Mimaki JV4 Series hosts a variety of features which will give you the edge in the digital market. This six color aqueous based printer not only has impressive print speeds but is extremely reliable and easy on the wallet.

The JV4 Series incorporates 2 rows of print heads for either increased print speed or enhanced versatility. Load the printer with 1 ink type for prints up to 250 square feet per hour or load 2 different ink types for greater capability without cartridge swapping!

With the fully adjustable head height, you can print on media with thicknesses from thin sublimation paper to 1/4” poster board. The JV4 Series also has an easy to use adjustment to keep your print heads in bi-directional alignment no matter the head height position.


  • Up to 1440 dpi
  • 2 x 6 Ink Cartridges
  • Fully Adjustable Head Height
  • Auto Take up Roll
  • Built in Linear Cutter
  • FireWire Connectivity

  • Sizes Available:

  • JV4-130 - 53.9" Print Area
  • JV4-160 - 62.9" Print Area
  • JV4-180 - 73.6" Print Area

  • Ink Compatibilities & Applications:

    Although these are recommended applications, the JV4 can be used for a wide variety of media and should be tested for suitability on your substrate.

    Pigment: Fine Art, Indoor Signage, Trade Show Displays, Photo Printing

    Sublimation: Soft Signage, Apparel, Custom Novelty Media

    Dye Based: Screen Film Output, Photo Printing

    View More Pictures of the JV4:

    Mimaki JV4 - Foamboard
    Mimaki JV4 - Single Print Head
    Mimaki JV4
    Mimaki JV4 - Transparent Printing

    Product Documentation:

    Mimaki JV4 Brochure