The Mimaki TX21600 is the ultimate digital textile printer. Short to medium runs can be done easily without the cost of expensive screens or long set up times. With 8 color capability you can achieve vibrant colors without sacrificing speed.

The unique feed system makes printing on non paper backed fabrics a breeze. The TX21600 is fitted with optic sensors to compensate for fabric stretch and movement while a take up device on the front keeps your fabric off the ground.

Like the JV4 Series’ use of 2 ink banks, the TX21600 utilizes 8 colors for either increased print speed or enhanced versatility. Using 1 ink type in both banks you can achieve high print speeds of over 200 square feet an hour. Using 2 different ink types you can print on a larger variety of fabrics without swapping cartridges.

To permanently set the prints, steaming is required. This is achieved with the use of additional equipment such as the SteamJet Steamer. This equipment can handle any single roll of fabric from 1 – 50 yards. The low profile design makes the SteamJet easy to load and the insulated core keeps the unit at constant temperature.


  • Up to 720 dpi
  • 8 Color Capability
  • Auto Alignment for Fabric
  • Take up Roll Device
  • Fully Adjustable Head Height
  • FireWire Connectivity

  • Sizes Available:

  • TX2-1600 64" Print Area

  • Ink Compatibilities & Applications:

    Although these are recommended applications, the TX21600 can be used for a wide variety of media and should be tested for suitability on your substrate.

    Reactive Dye: Cotton, Cotton/Blends and Wool Fabrics

    Acid Dye: Silks, Nylons, Rayon and a variety of other Synthetics

    Disperse Dye: Direct to Polyester, Sublimation

    Product Documentation:

    Mimaki TX2 Brochure