Jantex Digital is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality in paper selection. Many of these papers are available in a sample size so you can try before you buy. If you are not sure on what paper suits your needs, feel free to call and get your questions answered!

Sublimation Paper:

Jetcol 2000

Nothing beats this paper when it comes to dye sublimation printing. This 70 gram paper allows for more ink transfer to your fabric which saves you money! It is easy to handle and works well with roll Heat Press. It also has an extremely competitive price. Also available in a 90g and 110g weight.

Download the Jetcol 2000 Brochure.

Sizes Available:

16.5" x 164'         44"x492'          52" x 492'         64" x 427'

Jetcol Highspeed

Jetcol Highspeed sublimation paper is a 90 gram paper designed for heavy ink loads. It helps to reduce bubbling and cockling while increasing drying speeds. This is a great paper to use for those who are new to sublimation.

Sizes Available:

52"x394'         64"x394'

Inkjet Films

Jantex HD Max

A high quality film designed for inkjet printers using pigmented inks. Jantex HD Max can hold a higher ink density while achieving impressive drying speeds. Compatible with EPSON 7800/7880/9800/9880 printers.

Sizes Available:

17"x100'         24"x100'         36"x100'         42"x100'

Kimoto SC4

Kimoto SC4 is an economical film for use with piezo printers using dye based inks. Kimoto UC5 is a high quality film for use with pigment inks including EPSON UltraChrome. Also available is Chromaline Accublack for dye based inks.
Fine Art & Photography Paper:

Photo MPG & MPS by Milano

This universal paper comes in either a gloss or satin finish. It is great for photography prints and yields exceptional color value. It can be used with a laminate for even greater life fastness.

Sizes Available:

24" x 100'         36" x 100'         50" x 100'         60" x 100'

EPSON Papers

Jantex Digital carries a large variety of EPSON professional printing papers. These papers are designed for use in EPSON professional printers and will yield great results. Please call for immediate pricing and availability.

Here is a sample of some papers we stock:

  • Single Weight Matte
  • Double Weight Matte
  • Premium Canvas
  • Premium Luster Photo
  • ColorLife Photo Paper

  • faq.papers
    How does the environment affect my paper?

    Each paper reacts to the environment differently. Try to keep your room environment at a constant level. Most recommend around 70°-75° F and around 50-60% humidity. Also try removing your media from it’s protective bag at least 24 hours before use.

    Why do I notice finger prints after I print my image?

    Oil from you hands can transfer to the paper when you handle it. This only becomes apparent after your paper is printed. Try wearing a protective glove to reduce contamination.

    How should I store my paper?

    Store in a cool, dry area. Preferably in the room with the inkjet printer you use. Ask individual manufacturers for specific recommendations.