Looking to expand your knowledge of digital printing? Here at Jantex Digital, we want to make sure you have the information that you need to get the job done right. Unlike our competition, we don’t want to keep our customers in the DARK!

Math Tools for Paper
SGIA & DPI Associations
Gretag Macbeth Training
Wasatch Training

Real World Photoshop by David Blatner and Bruce Fraser

This book contains helpful tips and tricks into Photoshop. Blatner and Fraser and industry experts at Photoshop and color theory.

Real World Color Management by Bruce Fraser, Chris Murphy and Fred Bunting

Based off of the Real World Photoshop writing, this book takes a deeper look at what makes color tick. It explores color theories, ICC profiling monitors and much much more.

Digital Output Magazine

This is a great magazine that explore many areas of digital printing. It also features new products and helpful articles and new techniques. Visit the Digital Output website.

AATCC - Great for information on dyeing, testing, prep and textile printing.

Impressions Magazine


Textile Printing by Leslie W C Miles
This is an excellent book that contains a great source of information on textile printing.