Vertical Steamer

The Vertical Steamer is an optimal choice for those starting out in digital textile printing. Easily steam up to 5 yards of 54” fabrics using the 2 section stainless steel cylinders. The steamer is double walled for extra efficiency and has an auto off switch for safety. Exterior dimension 11", interior dimension 9", overall height 74"

The Steamer has a 30 day warranty on electrical and a 1 year warranty on structural parts.

SteamJet Steamer

The SteamJet is a low pressure steamer meant for short to medium runs averaging 30 – 40 yards. The patented design allows for high efficiency and reduced steaming times. The easy loading angle makes the process effortless for fabrics of up to 60”. It also features electronic timing and temperature controls in an all stainless steel construction. All components UL and CSA and C.E. Approved.

Steaming Cores

Stainless steel steaming cores are used to increase equipment efficiency by allowing the steam to easily pass through the core.

Steaming Paper

High porous steaming paper will allow steam to easily penetrate through your fabric roll and will keep any migration from damaging your prints. Standard and light weight tissue.
What is the purpose of a steamer?

A steamer is used to “set” the inks onto fabrics and make them washable and wearable. It creates a chemical bond between the ink and fabric.

Do I need a steamer?

YES! If you want your fabrics to be vibrant, washable and abrasion resistant you must steam them.

Can I use an iron with steam?

No. Our steamers use 220 degrees of heat and produce much more steam than an iron would. They are also fully contained so all of the fabric is done in an even fashion.

Should I create a profile before or after steaming?

After, you can expect your colors to get more vibrant after steaming.