Jantex Inks carries a variety of printing supplies. If you cannot find what you are looking for allow us to source it for you.

Murakami SP-1400 Emulsion

The SP-1400 is Murakami's newest emulsion. It offers excellent value and performance with exceptional resolution The SP-1400 is easy to coat and reclaim and can print all ink systems, plastisol, waterbase and discharge inks. For increased water resistance, use MS or A&B hardener for water base and discharge inks.

Murakami Aquasol HVP Emulsion

Aquasol HVP is Murakami's latest textile emulsion. Aquasol HVP excels at textile printing with fast exposing, easy to apply coats and outstanding definition. The pale color of the emulsion also makes it easy to register on press.

Murakami MS Hardener

Murakami MS Hardener is a reclaimable one part solution that is designed to improve the stencil water resistance for waterbase and discharge ink systems. MS Hardener is applied after the screen has been exposed and dried.

Murakami ER-605 Emulsion Remover

Murakami ER-605 is super concentrated emulsion remover that incorporates cleaning additives and degreasers directly into the formula. ER-605 can be used for reclaiming photopolymer and diazo emulsions. ER-605 is safe to use on all mesh types and is non-hazardous and drain safe!


General Supplies

  • Buckets, 1 & 5 Gallon
  • Mixing Quarts
  • Pantone Books
  • Scales
  • Mixing tools
  • High Speed Homogenizers
  • Testing Equipment