Wasatch Software is an ideal choice for a RIP if you are looking for a product with better controls over your workflow. Features such as page nesting, print queues and hot folders allow you to increase your productivity. SoftRIP is ICC compliant and is compatible with a large variety of instruments for calibrating your printer. You can choose to add a variety of modules to Wasatch for even more capabilities. See modules to the right.

Also Available:

Wasatch Small Format and Desktop Editions

Full versions of SoftRIP made and priced specifically for printers 24” and smaller. Save money without sacrificing features.

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Wasatch Textile

Easily print seamless repeats such as half steps and full drops. Other features include customer color generator, colorway management and color separation tools. You can even adjust your prints for shrinkage before you print!

Wasatch Screen Print

All the functionality of SoftRIP, plus an arsenal of color separation tools.